Garden of Life

The Garden of Life Foundation is a social enterprise uniting thousands of people from across the planet in the spirit of peace, harmony and cooperation to create a spectacular 4000m2 eco-sculpture representing the Flower of Life, a powerful & ancient symbol found in cultures across the globe. The Flower of Life lies at the centre of The Garden of Life, a breathtaking tropical park in the sacred heartland of Bali by a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The architecture will be a model of 21st century ecotourism – 100% self-sustaining both ecologically & financially. Inside the Flower of Life, visitors will journey through a spiral space founded on the mathematical Golden Ratio. They will stop at a series of seven interactive installations that draw from nature, the arts, culture, bleeding edge technology & spiritual systems to present a transformational experience of human evolution. Principal architect Walter Wagner has been responsible for some of Bali’s most iconic residences through his studio Habitat 5, one of South East Asia’s most respected and sought after architectural firms. Wagner has a deep reverence for Bali and an approach that emphasises ecologically integrated, low impact design.

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